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Swiftcover is an insurance company based in the UK. Formed in 2005, it offers a range of insurance products including vehicular and home insurance. The company is now a subsidiary of the AXA Insurance group, based in Paris. If you wish to get in touch with the company regarding a query or issue, call the Swiftcover contact number.

Why would I call Swiftcover Contact?

  • To make a claim.
  • To make changes to your insurance policy.
  • To cancel your policy.

Products by Swiftcover:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Van insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Pet insurance
  • Private medical insurance

Car Insurance

There are different levels of cover provided by Swiftcover to suit all car insurance needs and budgets.

Comprehensive car insurance

This level of cover will repair or replace your car if it happens to get damaged or is stolen. It also covers damage to other people’s cars and property, as well as injury to other people. It will also give you:

  • Uninsured driver promise, to protect you against drivers who do not have insurance.
  • £5,000 personal accident cover.
  • The replacement of stolen or lost car keys.
  • Cover for your windscreen in the event that it gets chipped or damaged.
  • Courtesy car cover, for up to two weeks whilst your car is being repaired.
  • Cover for your car stereo.
  • The use of a 24 hour, UK based claims line.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee.
  • Discount for drivers who have a dashcam installed (new customers only).

Third party, fire and theft car insurance

This policy will cover injury to other people and damage to other’s cars/property. Your car will only be repaired or replaced in the event that it is damaged by fire/theft or is stolen. Third party, fire and theft will also cover:

  • The use of a courtesy car for up to two weeks whilst your car is being repaired.
  • Cover for stolen keys.
  • A claims line based in the UK, 24 hours a day.
  • Lifetime guarantee on claims relating to fire/theft.

Additional car insurance products

  • No claims discount protection: This is available if you have had car insurance for more than one year and have not made a claim. You can protect this by paying a little bit extra on your policy.
  • Legal cover: With this, Swiftcover will pay up to £100,000 in legal fees if you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Swiftcover telephone number
  • Courtesy car upgrade: Upgrade your standard cover to ensure that you get a hire car that is similar to your own, and for up to 21 days after your car is written off or stolen.
  • Personal injury and rehabilitation: You can opt for this cover for extra peace of mind. Physiotherapy and other specialist treatments are available and you could receive up to £100,000 to help you on your way.
  • Breakdown recovery: Choose from roadside assistance, rescue cover to take you to your destination, cover for breakdown at home and European cover.

To get a quote for your car insurance, call Swiftcover contact.

Home Insurance

When your home is your pride and joy, you want to make sure it is protected. Swiftcover has cover available for all eventualities.

There are three types of cover: Building insurance, contents insurance and a combination of the two.

Building Insurance

Choose a policy which covers the cost of rebuilding your home and any outbuildings.

  • Basic cover starts at £500,000 and can be increased up to £1 million if necessary.
  • Covers main risks to your home such as floods, fire, theft, storm and water damage.
  • Property owners liability.
  • A tailor-made policy with extra cover.

Contents Insurance

This represents the value of all belongings that you would typically find in a family home. Swiftcover telephone numbers

  • Basic cover begins at £50,000 and can be increased up to £75,000.
  • Covers risks such as fire, theft, flood and lightning.
  • A £3000 single item limit for expensive items. This can also be increased to £5,000.
  • New for old cover, excluding clothing and household linen.
  • Optional extras available.

Building and Contents Insurance

With this, you can get all the benefits of the above cover in one policy. In the event that you need to make a claim, you will only need to pay one policy excess, if necessary.

Optional extras

  • Accidental damage: Make sure you’re covered for when things get broken accidentally, for example if a tap is left running and your home floods, or entertainment equipment is damaged.
  • Personal possessions: Everyday items that you carry around with you, such as mobile phones and jewellery can be expensive to replace. Use this add-on to cover your personal belongings anywhere in the world.
  • Home assistance: Blocked drains, burst pipes- when you have an emergency at your home, you cannot afford to waste time getting it repaired. With this cover, Swiftcover will give you a domestic line which is available to call 24 hours a day to arrange repair as soon as possible.
  • Garden cover: This provides up to £2,000 to protect items in your garden such as trampolines and garden furniture.
  • Student cover: Provides up to £5,000 of cover per student, protecting belongings against theft and malicious acts whilst they are away at school, college or university.
  • Bicycle cover: High value bikes are often targeted by thieves. This cover protects your bike and its accessories against this.
  • Family legal protection: Protects you legally against the cost of taking civil action (up to £50,000).

To begin protecting your home, call the Swiftcover telephone number.

Van Insurance

Whether your van is for business, personal or commercial use, Swiftcover can help.

Benefits of comprehensive cover include: Swiftcover contact

  • Lifetime guarantee repairs.
  • Minor repairs are available on your doorstep.
  • Courtesy van whilst yours is being repaired.
  • New van replacement.
  • Cover for stereos, sat-navs and hands free kits.
  • 24/7 windscreen and window repair.
  • Replacement keys and locks.
  • Cover for the wrong fuel.
  • 93 days EU travel.
  • £250 medical expenses.

Optional Extras

  • Three different levels of breakdown cover.
  • No claims discount protection.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Trailer cover.

Breakdown cover

Four levels of breakdown cover are available from the insurer.

Roadside Swiftcover telephone number

  • Covers roadside assistance and recovery within 10 miles of the scene, as well as messaging your friends and family to let them know that you are safe.


  • This policy will cover roadside assistance, nationwide recovery, alternative transport and overnight accommodation.

Rescue and Home Assistance

  • Covers roadside assistance, nationwide recovery and assistance even if you breakdown at home.

Swift European

  • Covers all of the above and in the event of breakdown in Europe.

Private Medical Insurance

Swiftcover’s private medical insurance is provided by AXA PPP Healthcare.

They can offer you: swiftcover 6

  • In-patient and day patient treatment for new medical conditions.
  • Out patient treatments such as specialist referred diagnostic tests.
  • Choose your treatment at a time to suit you.
  • A choice of over 250 quality hospitals with private rooms.
  • Cash benefit of £50 a night for receiving eligible treatment that is free under the NHS.
  • Access to a 24 hour information line.

For more information on a healthcare policy tailored to you, call the Swiftcover contact number.

Pet Insurance

Unfortunately, pet insurance is no longer available to new customers. However, existing customers will still be able to get the support that they need.

You can make a pet insurance claim by calling Swiftcover contact on the number found on your policy documents.

Travel Insurance

Similar to pet insurance, travel insurance is now unavailable to new customers. However, customers who already have a travel insurance policy will be able to get support whilst they are away.

For information on claiming whilst you are away or when you are back at home, call the telephone number on this page.


About Swiftcover Swiftcover telephone number

Swiftcover was founded back in 2005 by a group of executives from the insurance industry. The unique selling point of the company was that they were to offer online quotes only, meaning that certificates and policy documents were available to download immediately after payment. The insurer was the first to offer this service. As a result of being an online only company, Swiftcover customers can self-manage their policy online.

In the event of making a claim, customers can fill in the online form or call a dedicated claims professional.

Back in 2007, the company was acquired by AXA Insurance and has now become a fully owned subsidiary. The company is most famous for its advertising campaigns during the years 2009-2011, which starred Iggy Pop in a campaign worth £25 million. The campaign led to a 31% increase in sales in the first three months of 2009, however it faced controversy and criticism from the Advertising Standards Agency, who ruled it as ‘misleading’ that Iggy Pop led audiences to believe he was covered by the company, when in fact Swiftcover did not offer cover to musicians. From the end of 2011, the company stopped using Iggy Pop to front it’s campaigns, launching a new campaign featuring a family of animated characters, voiced by celebrities such as Chris Evans.

The company has won a range of awards such as Best Value Car Insurer by Love Money in 2010 and the Ecommerce Customer Service award back in 2008. In 2008, the company also joined forces with a PR company to launch the Swift Relief awards, a scheme which recognises businesses which offer quick and hassle free services, similar to itself. They also sponsored the Formula 1 on ITV in 2006 as well as weekend programmes on Absolute Radio.

Head Office Location


The Swiftcover head office is located in Cobham.

 Latest news

Drivers Urged To Install Dashcams

24th September 2015

Over a quarter of innocent drivers who have made an insurance claim have seen their prices rise in the months afterwards because they were unable to prove what happened, according to research conducted by Uswitch.com.

Insurers are now recommending that drivers install a dash cam, an inexpensive gadget which allows drivers to record footage of their journeys. Having one fitted means that the footage can be used as part of the claims process to determine which party was in the wrong, speeding up the resolution of a case.

Many drivers are now cottoning onto the dashcam trend, with approximately 15 per cent of motorists now having the devices installed. Dash cams can be purchased from as little as £50, and many insurers, such as Swiftcover are now offering a discount to drivers who have them fitted.

However, some critics are stating that insurers should offer more cash incentives so that even more motorists get a camera fitted.

One insurance expert at Uswitch.com said:

“Installing dash-cams in cars could save both drivers and insurers time and money. However, not enough insurers will take these devices into account when they quote. The insurance industry needs to follow AXA and Swiftcover’s lead and offer dash-cam discounts in the same way that many providers already do for telematics. Any new technology that helps responsible drivers keep the brakes on rising premiums should be embraced.”